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Epic boards start shipping 2nd week of October.

Made in California

Great for Powder

Kick it old school with new school construction! This is a Directional Retro Powder Shredder that puts your back foot on the tail. Float in powder and enjoy quick, fast turns through those open powder fields or tight tree runs. The Epic utilizes Lithe Technology Capped-Wall™ and has a beautiful veneer topsheet. The quad side-cut helps hold an edge and the stance is pulled back so you have a lot more nose than tail.

  • Base: Sintered Ultra Base
  • Base Glass: Biaxial Fiberglass with Carbon Stringers from tip-to-tail
  • Core Material: Paulownia with Poplar stringers
  • Sidewalls: Lithe Cap-Wall *NEW*
  • Top Glass: Triaxial Fiberglass
  • Camber Type: Wavelength
  • Stainless-Steel Inserts
  • Rockwell 48 steel edges
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Size Nose Width Tail Width Waist Width Sidecut Stance Range Setback Contact
156cm 30.1cm 28.2cm 25.4cm Radial: 7.4m 52.0cm – 64.0cm Center 111.0cm
160cm 30.9cm 29.0cm 26.1cm Radial: 7.6m 54.0cm – 66.0cm Center 113.8cm

Additional Services

MOD Program

In addition to owning your new board you also receive access to The MOD Program. The MOD Program is the very first Members Only Demo Program that offers high-end snowboards to subscribers as weekly rentals at no charge. Signal’s entire line is now open to our members. If conditions change, you’re heading somewhere special and need a special board—or you just want to try something new—we’ve got you covered. Subscribers get two weeks per year—free! If you’d like to demo another board after that it’s just $40 for the week. Once a subscriber puts in the request, the board ships to that subscribers address in a snowboard box with return postage for free shipping back to the factory.


MOD Program
Buy one board and have Signal’s entire snowboard line at your fingertips! Signal’s Snowboard Subscription is the best way to buy a snowboard. Ever!
Signal Care

Signal Care

Signal Care is Signal’s subscription warranty and protection package. As a member, your board is covered from tip to tail from just about anything. Break your board and we’ll replace it. If someone hits your tail in line and chips it, we’ll replace it. For as long as you’re a subscriber, you’ve got a warranty.


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