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John Jackson is coming in hot this week. We are in the middle of pressing another round of his board line to keep up with demand. John’s board definitely reflects his riding style, but it’s important to note you don’t have to ride like John to enjoy his board. A medium flex between the bindings and a softer flex on the slimmed down nose and tail profile make this a...

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Shaping The Future

In all industry and business there are those who play it safe, and those who enjoy the challenge of paving a new way. With our focus on participation, accessibility and creating unique experiences in shred, we have dove head first into a completely new snowboard subscription platform for action sports and more specifically, snowboarding. With our factory as our anchor, we have the flexibility to build for the one that...

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Park and Ride for $35

New Park Series is ready to ship and for $35 bucks monthly, it’s time for a new board this winter. The Park Series is built specifically for the Parks, Streets, Rails, Boxes and whatever you can throw at it. It’s our softest flex in the line, which will help you get those presses down and it’s easy to manipulate under foot. If you choose to get this board you also...

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